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Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center - We help people find answers. We are open to all!

Located on the 2nd floor
Kane County Judicial Center
37W777 IL Route 38, St. Charles, IL 60175

​​Inmate Information Request Policy

The Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center (KCLL) in support of the American Association of Law Libraries professional ethics (AALL Handbook) will supply a limited amount of photocopies free of charge to incarcerated individuals if they have no other means of acquiring the information.  In no way is the Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center legally obligated to supply this service.

Any individual(s) found to be abusing this privilege will have said privilege permanently revoked.

1. Only requests from inmates housed in the Kane County Adult Justice Center will be fulfilled.

2. If a lawyer​ is representing an inmate, the KCLL will not accommodate the information request. 

3. Requests must be for specific citations.  General requests and requests for Illinois Compiled Statute sections will not be fulfilled [Local Crt Rule 1.04, 20 IL Adm. Code §701.230] nor will requests for print materials already made accessible by the Kane County Adult Justice Center be supplied.

Form of acceptable requests:                                           

  • 349 N.E.2d 798                                                                  
  • 27 IL Dec. 12                                                              
  • 17 Am Jur 2d, Contracts §​19                                           

Form of unacceptable requests:

  • "Anything on adoption"
  • "Forms needed for a divorce"
  • "Cases about confessions"

4. Requests for entire chapters of material or citations that encompass more than fifty (50) pages of material may be denied based on copyright compliance and/or limited staff time and resources.

5. Requests may be made by mail via the U.S. Postal Service, or through an inmate Request Manager kiosk. Requests must include the name of the inmate making the request, their inmate number, and their Kane County case number. 

Requests made by mail should be addressed to:

Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center

Attn: Cynthia

37 W. 777 Rt. 38

St. Charles IL 60175

6. Requests are limited to 10 (ten) citations / cases per month, per inmate.  Requests for information previously supplied to an individual inmate will not be accommodated.

7. All good faith efforts will be made by law library staff to respond to requests within two business days.

The Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center

 will not accept telephone calls from incarcerated individuals.

In no way does the fulfillment of an information request by the KCLL replace the need for individuals to consult an attorney.

<please note that all policies contained herein are subject to change without notice>